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Er werd een Advertising Analyst gevraagd...23 september 2022

Tell me about a time where you had to own something you knew little about


it was more like a discussion about business model, company strategy


Why do you want to work at TikTok?


Provide an example of when and how you collaborated with other people across your business.

Condé Nast

What clubs were you involved in at school? Did you play netball? Were you involved in school plays? Were you a school prefect?


My favorite question: "Demonstrate your level of customer service".

Macquarie Group

What's the conversion rate of an email that you sent? What was the click through rate? Perhaps it is a general question, they were rushing and it is impossible to mention due the number of emails or campaigns.


Q: How could I remember? I felt like the interview questions were exactly the same for all three interviews.

Hulcher Services

When was the last time you were criticized at work ?

Hulcher Services

Tell me a little about yourself

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