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Er werd een Consumer Advocate gevraagd...23 januari 2013

Can you instruct someone how to make an origami "cootie catcher" with just words?

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Step one: find a 7 year old girl. Step Two: ask them.

If I were capable of making something called a 'cootie catcher' out of paper, I would be a millionaire selling it to college fraternities. Minder


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how would you get a young adult to trust you

5 antwoorden

Give them examples on how great they can be and what they can accomplish and how far you want to go with them on a journey don’t get too personal but get close enough with Ella be able to trust you and know that you are real person that you really do care for their well-being Minder

Allow for them to come to you and to trust people don’t tell their secrets to anyone unless is a danger to themselves or someone else down a lot on to disrespect you keep that boundary there So that they know that respect still stands and that you’re still firm and require respect Minder

I have a passion working with young adults, because when I was younger I felt that no one understood me or my feelings. I say always emphasize with the individual, and encourage them to build up their self esteem! Let them know that they have ability and potential to do anything In life regardless of set back and hurdles. Just emphasize helps being in their situation. Minder

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If you have a drawer full of white and black socks, that you can't see into, what's the minimum amount you would need to pull out, in order to guarantee a matching pair.

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6. I totally failed.

If there's only two colors you would only need to pull out three socks to guarantee a matching pair Minder

Uh, the answer is two.

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Brown & Brown Absence Services Group

I asked them what the turnover rate was like and if they ever laid anyone off. They seemed to be caught off guard by this question, and were not forthcoming with their answers.

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I was told the company was growing and they never laid anyone off before

Over 150 between 2014-2015. They fire people constantly. It is like a cult! Don't believe a word they say. Minder

Don't let the arts & crafts, or crazy games fool you. You can't get up and go the bathroom without it being a pain. Minder

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Youth Advocate Programs

Do you have any experience working with kids? What about teenagers?

5 antwoorden

Be honest if you do or don’t

I feel as being raised in institutions and foster care, I had very few people advocate for me, so I learned at a young age advocated for myself. Bin addition, I work currently with IDD disabilities and some of the individuals can't communicate there wants and needs, so I advocate for all those individuals, as well. Minder

I worked with a 10 year old boy years ago, being a Big Brother. Also, I worked with a 16 year old boy, with autism for 2 years Minder

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Can't you use someone else's phone to do the video interview?

4 antwoorden

This is not an option for me.

A lot of modern day call centers will be using this method as an interview process. It is probably in your best interest to ensure you have at least one working device that can assist in this process. The only other option is to stay away from companies like this. And you probably could have used someone else’s phone or device. I know people who used a library computer before. There are other means. :) Minder

As I stated before your comment: And you probably could have used someone else’s phone or device. I know people who used a library computer before. There are other means. :) This is not an option for me. And as for staying away from as you say "companies like this" why would I know what companies REQUIRE a video interview? I wouldn't. AND since it is a requirement why not offer a place to do this on site as other/some companies do for assessments. This video interview is not with a live person in real time. It's with a cartoon I suppose. And when you are ready to purchase that additional device for me let me know. Otherwise don't tell strangers what they should buy. Your comments were pedestrian. There was nothing insightful or actually helpful. Nothing changes the treatment I received from Jobvite and Hulu and THEY invited me I didn't impose myself upon them to get to the third step in the process. ;) Minder

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UnitedHealth Group

- Tell me about yourself - Describe how you identified the needs of a customer you supported, inside or outside of your organization. What approach did you use to ensure you remain aligned with your customer as you worked on the project or deliverable? How did you ensure that you had correctly identified those needs? What feedback did you get from the customer? How has working with that customer changed your approach to your work or the work of your team? -

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I would love to get in contact with you as I have a few questions to ask. I have a video interview with them now that I need to complete. Minder

Hi, how many stages was the hiring process? Assessment first, then HireVue interview and what please? Thank you. Minder

hi I would love to know more

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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Why was there a gap in your previous employment history?

3 antwoorden

mother passed away

Considering it was a temp to hire position what kind of background verification did they do? Did they check for education? Minder

No gap - have full history of ongoing employment. Last employment was at same company for position was for 13.5 years. Thank you for the feedback - I will add more employment to resume. Minder

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is highly regulated and often times that means saying no. How would you handle saying no to a customer?

3 antwoorden

I made sure to say I would explain to the customer why I am saying know. The customer needs to know I cannot help because X. If possible, I would redirect them to resources that could help. The customer needs to know that I could not help for a valid reason, not just because I did not want to. Minder

You should reframe it as what you CAN do for the customer

Also offer to put in feedback if it is something fidelity does not yet offer.

UnitedHealth Group

What is one of our core values.

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They have 5 core values: Relationships Innovation Performance Integrity Compassion Minder



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