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IHG Hotels and Resorts
Er werd een Affiliate Marketing Manager gevraagd...18 september 2017

How can we better compete against OTA's?

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They will want you to come to the table having done some research on the competitive nature between hotels and OTA's Minder

Hi I'm working before London off-licence 6 year experience but I am need work permit for come to work now I am in India please help me Minder

Show your aids on maps. Bid on your own hotel name. Make the most of customer data. Minder

Betsson Group

The reason I was looking to join and move abroad?

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Because Betsson is a leader in their industry and Malta is a vibrant, beautiful place to live. Minder

Wanted to work in larger company, and working in Malta sounded nice


What have you done before ?

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Explained relation with this new job

National Health Educators

I was questioned about my sales figures from my current employer. They will ask you several hypotheticals relating to sales and marketing which I thought were easy.

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I basically told them how I ran my sales team and talked about some of the techniques I use during outside appts. Minder


work experience to contribute to the company how the work will be structured

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short and sweet with out any issues


What is your work experience?

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I asked if they were referring to relative industry or general sales.


How would you launch an affiliate program for TripAdvisor rentals

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Presentation business case

What could I add to their successful business.

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Increase their affiliate database through personal connections that I gained from my past work experiences. Minder

v2 Ventures

What would you do if a customer said this?

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listen, listen, listen, tell client I'm going to present this to management immediately. Minder

Paragon Digital Services

Are you familiar with Affiliate network CJ? How you create rules and how you recruit affiliates?

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I answered the question fairly. I am familiar with CJ network and how to recruit affiliates. Minder

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