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Er werd een Java Developer AI gevraagd...1 december 2015

4 16 64 256 solve using for loop.

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Public class Demo { public static void main(String args[]) { for(int i = 4; i <=32; i=i*4) System.out.print(i+", "); } } Minder

What was the AI questions??

Public class Demo { public static void main(String args[]) { for(int i = 4; i <= 32; i=i*4) System.out.print(i+" , "); } } Minder


How you approach developing a language model with small amounts of data

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Start with a basic model, e.g Naïve Bayes as a baseline, choose to either increase model complexity or use pretrained models and fine tune them. For additional performance boosting create synthetic data via paraphrasing. Minder

Beast Code

there were unable to articulate anything intelligent on even average level c++, nothing about boost or even stl, nothing on algorithms, nothing on software engineering and definitely nothing on ai, ml, cv or even qt

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i answered their questions, being very humble, was trying to help and and help my country. apparently this was not been taken well, did not get the job. these are spoiled rats (generals kids, etc). also, i noticed no female engineers (just one in hr), no brown, no black, nobody over 30, nobody even with a light accent (naturalized citizens) there. furniture (this was an on site interview) was super expensive, clearly this is an initial investment by and for potentates... i wish this was different! well, it is what it is Minder

Tell me about your project ?

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Project explained.

Write a program to print the sum of all even numbers upto 100 but should not be divisible by 8, Output: (2+4+6+10+12+14+16+20+....)

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Write a program to print the series 1,4,3,8,5,12,...


A = [1,2,3,4] B = [3,4,5,6] get all elements of A that are not in B

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A = set(A) B = set(B) A-B

Argus Media

They asked me to go over my responses to their questions and explain why.

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I answered them.

Health at Scale Technologies

Backtracking, Linear Regression, Bias vs Variance.

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I could not complete the backtracking question properly.


How to implement Virtual members from the compiler point of view.

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Yes, if you know C it is rather easy. Array of pointers to the parent members, and each time a child modifies a function change the matching pointer in the array. Minder

What field do you want to work in

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something related to deep learning

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