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Claire's Stores
Er werd een Allocation Analyst gevraagd...5 juni 2016

What would stress you out most about this job?

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Well let's see, I don't have experience In this role yet. How the hell am I supposed to know and answer that question? Minder

Nicholas Finney is a d o u c h e

The TJX Companies, Inc.

They ask you a couple mental math questions, but nothing too tricky! Know the company well. I got asked which product lines I would like to add to the store.

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can you please give me an idea of what you said?

I picked a department I was most familiar with and came up with growth strategies in that area. Minder

TaylorMade Golf

Tell me about your previous experience.

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I described my previous experience.

When i was in Pakistan i make Tayloring work 6 years and i make work 6 months in turkey a big Textil factory !!!! Minder

Dollar General

If I called up your former manager right now, what three words would he use to describe you?

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Clean friendly good customer surface

Clean smilely friendly

The TJX Companies, Inc.

Why TJX? What does an Allocation analyst do? describe a time when you had to answer a difficult problem? you have 42 large sweaters, there is a small to large ratio of 3:7, how many small sweaters are there?

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Since there are 42 L sweaters and the ratio of L sweaters is 7. So we first divide 42 by 7 this gives us 6. Now the ratio of S sweaters is 3 hence you multiply 6 by 3 this gives us 18. There are 18 Small sweaters. Minder

12.6 but to round it up since its an indivisible commodity , there will be 13 sweaters. Minder


Tell me about a time you had to use common sense at work.

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Absolutely ridiculous question with no right answer. Good luck!


You should be a logical thinker and have a good math background.

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J. C. Penney

Tell me about a time you used data to analyze a problem and what was the solution?

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I talked about my experience with numbers and calculating sales in my retail environment Minder

TJX Canada

Where would you allocate "x"? why?

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The answer is because your buyer told you to. Also your planning manager has no real clout or credibility so you are going to do it and deal with consequences with your future career later if you don't. Minder

TJX Canada

Say you have 200 Burberry umbrellas. When and where would you allocate them, and why?

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Spring or fall (during heavier periods of rainfall). I would allocate them to stores situated in more prestigious, urban areas like Downtown Toronto (Yorkville). Minder

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