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how can we make some profit if we gave discount?

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With lot of ways, depends on the services, timing . For start lets say we seperate the service (package) and give the discount in a basic plan. Or we can sell discount services in deep of time

good question

De vragen waarop ik vastliep gingen over het sorteren van een lijst met objecten in Python, de lijst moest oplopend worden gesorteerd op een string attribute van het object en aflopend op een numerieke eigenschap van het object.

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Why do you want to specifically work at Adyen?

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What did you like most about your job?

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Basic MySQL related question about inner-join. Basic questions re a/b testing. If you wanna test new page design, what percentage of traffic you should direct there.

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They were heavily focused on having similar experience in a previous job.

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Can you tell me what KYC stands for?

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Wat is je grootste kracht/zwakte?

1 antwoord can hire in-source employees or demand from out-source employees from external companies that can be hired even hourly. Assume you want to hire 50 new members for the customer care department. How do you choose them?

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