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Superior Grocers
Er werd een AP Manager gevraagd...20 september 2015

Most challenged I had at my previous employer

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Updating systems for Y2K

The most challenging thing I’ve had to endure in my previous employer would have to be the paper work it was very time consuming & I’m a bit of a ocd person I triple check everything no room for mistakes Minder

Chesterfield Valley Nursery

What is something you dislike about your current employer?

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Lack of structure

Action Ambulance

How best do you learn?

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I learn the way I teach people, a three tier approach. Show the person how to do the task, let the person do the task alone but able to ask questions, then let them attempt on their own if as you were not there. Minder

Acceleron Pharma

Q: tell us about a time you had to deal with (fill in difficulty) deadline, difficult personality etc)

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honestly, from the offset it was clear they wanted a female for the role, a week later I heard from a friend they did hire a female. no return call to let me know I wasn't selected or constructive feedback very poor professionalism. Minder

CompuGroup Medical

The focus of the questions was on the experiences in the field.

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As I mentioned I was under the impression the interview is for Romanian side, so that I answered about my previous experience in Romania, the VAT, forms submitted for Romanian authorities, bank, petty cash rules in Romania. As such, was like you went prepared for a math exam but, in fact was for chemistry and in the end you fail. Minder

HarbisonWalker International

Aren't you retiring in a few years?

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Not for another 15 to 20 years


Personality questions,

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what's important for you in a job?


What is your career goal in the next 5 years?

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Stable job

Must be the best person in the company

Superior Healthcare Management

What do you like about accounts payable?

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I like the suspense it entails.


Tell me about yourself outside of work.

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Discussed life outside of work

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