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Er werd een Operations Applications Architect gevraagd...12 juli 2010

Check a number of hosts for a specific daemon and report the hosts where it is not running.

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ssh into all hosts and check for proc with ps then send email about the failures. Minder

agree with the previous answer somewhat, but after ssh into the client, you might have to switch to root (su root) and then verify the demon is not zombie... I assume they have the same name.... Minder

Using a tool such as c3, you could run the following: cexec cluster_definition: 'ps -ef | grep named' That would show the status across all hosts. From there filter out hosts with a process returned. Minder

V-Soft Consulting Group

Tell me about your previous architecture experience

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Hi I'm IT professional and have 20 year's experience in network's operation but I don't know anything about architecture Minder

I connected central office to manufactory at 6 kilometers of distance and transfered 4 phone line to manufactory by a gateway in central office and a Isabel server in manufactory and installed a Voip Network on wireless network in manufactory Minder


Basic Object Oriented question

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3 most profound things about Object Oriented Programming. Although I use the concepts everyday the question sounded like something more for a college grad . Anyway the answer is Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism. Minder

It is a basic question which leads into more deeper questions about each of those principals. A lot of people claim to be Applications architects but are really copy and paste artists and weak on application design. We look for someone who knows what those concepts are and how to use those concepts in sound design of SAP Netweaver Portal Applications. We have had way to many candidates come here charge large amounts of money for poorly designed and written applications. Minder


I was basically asked why I would entertain leaving my current role. Other than that the focus was on dollar amounts regarding the scale of projects I've worked on.

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I was reluctant to provide any dollar figures regarding project size / scope that I've managed. I felt it was an intrusive thing to ask and unprofessional. I instead gave broad ranges so he could at least understand the magnitude of my largest accomplishments. Minder

I can tell you that providing detail on the scope of your projects is paramount to providing someone unfamiliar with you and your work with the details they need to place you and assess you properly. Asking is neither intrusive nor unprofessional. I can tell you, as someone who is NOT now nor ever been with Optomi, that failing to provide details makes you appear elusive at best and dishonest at worst. While the lack of follow-up on their end is unprofessional, I hope you understand why you did not get any offers through them. Just my two cents / advice as an objective third party. Minder

Acquity Group

How would you model a user requirement for a user

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Activity diagrams


What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric crytpgraphy?

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Symmetric - data at rest, same key used for encryption and ecryption. Asymmetric - data in motion, public/private keys. Minder


How would you ensure that information within a database is secure?

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First is to implement strong access control by making sure that those who have access to the database have it on a need to know or to do bases and also implement access to information on a least privilege basis. Minder


Describe the Asset Management projects you were involved in.

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I was the primary administrator for a four million square foot healthcare facility with more than 10,000 assets. I created a reusable management framework to meet annual Joint Commission compliance requirements. Minder


Interface background and experience related to position

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Truthfully - gave my background positions skills and experiences related to the job Minder

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Tell us about your experience with Redshift

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Talk about a project involving redshift

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