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Er werd een Applied Machine Learning Engineer gevraagd...24 oktober 2018

Interview1: Machine Learning Scenario Design challenge, coding puzzle and DSA challenge

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Interview2: In-depth questions on computer vision fundamentals


Introduce yourself, what did you do on Machine Learning field? Which data set do you use in your studies?

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After introducing myself, I gave specific examples from my studies.


Engineering + ML systems experience questions.


On which Facebook project(s) that I would be more interested to work on?


My experience in Computer Vision experience


What's the relationship between learning rate and batch size? What are your previous projects?


- Design a machine learning model to match DNA sequences. - Design a machine learning model to count cells number from petri dish images.

Leica Geosystems

Very shallow questions! Basics of machine learning


I cannot disclose any questions.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Two medium level coding questions. One problem is finding the shortest path out of the maze, I forgot the other one.

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