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Er werd een Area Operations Manager gevraagd...28 juni 2019

You have have 2 Delivery guys and 3 orders in different route. executive need to pick orders from different hotel but only one at a time. how do you manage the time so that orders are delivered in minimum time

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Depend off people

Distance to restaurant Distance to customer from restaurant Preparation time for the order All three variables should be considered and assign executives accordingly Minder

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Why would you like to work for Amazon

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Amazon is a known world wide and people of all ages can use the website. Amazon is opening up a new kind of retail with fast shipping. This company is booming and offering great opportunity. Everything I have learn moving up the latter prepare me for a growing company like this one. Minder

Amazon is always pushing the boundary this is a company that started off as an e-commerce and now also does cloud computing. It's an innovative place and that's where I would like to be. Minder

Will you be able to handle this without supervision and guidance?

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Of course I will, I'll call you if I need something.

Naked Juice

Describe a recent innovation implemented within the last 6 months, within your business unit.

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Make sure to ask them to elaborate on the specifics of what they are looking for. My thought was that they were looking for something that was way out there, but they weren't; a simple implementation of a procedure or SOP would have suffice, as long as you had multiple example of them. Minder


Technical knowledge. Work knowledge.socio info

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Based on my experience

Uncommon Goods

One manager asked me what “risk assessment” was because she really did not know.

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If you had any experience in the market, you should be familiar with this term. Risk assessment is the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and a recognized threat (also called hazard). Minder


Give us a 90 day growth strategy for OC/LB/SD markets

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Use data referenced in your case study, know the areas you are talking about, provide some creativity to your answers, and use data-driven research/solutions as your support. Minder


Star format they give you stuff to study as well before.

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Pretty much hype yourself up use as much data and numbers to back things up


Tell me about a time when....

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Google as many questions like this and have your answers thought out. They are very big on knowing the Star method answering format. Minder

Apria Healthcare

Why are you wanting this position?

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I explained that I believed I was qualified

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