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World Security (United Arab Emirates)
Er werd een Armed Security Officer gevraagd...29 juli 2021

Why do you want to a security officer?

6 antwoorden

No sorry I'm looking for a hostess and customer service

To keep /take care of people's properties

Because I have more experience in this job and I would like to know more about your company Minder

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Allied Universal

Why did you want to quit a job for 14 years and start doing security?

3 antwoorden

i was limit to what i can earn and growth at the company, it was family owned.

I was just looking for a new opportunity a new career change

I was working at a dealer auction where my pay rates and department was limited on growth. I stick around because I was comfortable and lazy to look for anything else. I also wanted more challenge. Minder

ICS Security Services

Do you have any type off security experience and if so is it Armed or unarmed?

3 antwoorden

I sayed yes Ma'am I have 10+ yrs of armed security & supervisor experience plus 8 yrs of military experience. Minder

I have 6 year of Security experience unarmed


ICS Security Services

What days are you able & availible to work?

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My valubility is open right now,I am about to work Monday-Sunday 24 hrs a day if needed! Minder

Am ready right now and i can also work shifts

G4S Secure Solutions

Name a time you had to do multiple task in a high risk situation?

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While doing security for company blank I would handle ambulance emergency situations by opening door for medical personal. Escorting them to injured person. I would write a report of the incident and inform supervisors of the situation. Minder

One time we responded to a call to a minor with a GSW to The head upon arrival we had to locate the gun and help cpd secured the crime Scene I had to be on the phone with my supervisor while maintaining people of the property and try to calm the family down Minder

Midwest Security Forces

Do you have an Indiana pistol permit?

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I have a Indiana permit to carry. Lifetime

Titan Protection and Consulting

what skill set qualifys you to be part of our team?

2 antwoorden

kinda obvious on this part...

Willing to work for next to nothing.

Paragon Systems, Inc.

why would you like to work here

2 antwoorden

It would be a great stepping stone for my future goals

To contribute my experience and value

ICS Security Services

Are you certified thru the state of Maryland to work as an unarmed or armed guard?and if so is your certifications current right now?

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Yes I am certified thru the State of Maryland as an Armed Guard & Private Detective.And yes all my Certifications are up to date & current at this time. Minder



How many years experience do you have?

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3 years experience.

15 years

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