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Er werd een Assay Development Scientist gevraagd...11 augustus 2022

1.) Tell me about your graduate research? 2.) What was the most challenging part of your research? 3.) How many post-docs were apart of your lab? (They discontinued questions at this point)

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1.) I told them technical aspects of my project. 2.) Communicating and connecting with non-technical audiences. 3.) We had one post-doc at any given time. When I could tell that the interviewers lost interest, I pointed out our labs funding history (highest in our department) and our publication history as evidence of our productivity. I also added that I had 15+ opportunities to mentor other graduate undergraduate students, which might not have otherwise happened if we had many post-docs. Minder

Element Biosciences

How did you troubleshoot? How stable is the transposase? Did you have experience mentoring other people?

Osler Diagnostics

How would you approach dilution problems.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What do you want from your overall career?


(1st Interview) What is one of your biggest achievements?


(3rd Interview) Tell me about your experience in *this job on CV*.


What was one of your proudest achievements during your career?


Why are you an ethical scientist?

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Asked many specific questions about how the nanopore technology worked.


(2nd Interview) Can you identify the components of *this product*?

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