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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Er werd een Assistant Project Manager gevraagd...4 mei 2009

What are your weekness?

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I'm guessing your answer was "spelling".

Actually, these questions may look perfunctory, but I think it looks better if you tell the truth -- know your weaknesses, and tell them what you do to recognize and overcome them. I would not hire anyone with no weaknesses, but also would pass on someone who does not have an active counter-weakness plan. Minder

Well if I weren't so damned modest I'd be perfect.

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Johnstone Supply

Why are you interested in this position?

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I interested I now working dubai I Serching your company I saw your company very better Minder

I Now here Driving and delivery

More than 15 year


Expériences professionnelles

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Bonjour, je compte passer un entretien quel question posent il pendant l'entretien je suis entrain de me préparer Minder

Bonjour, je compte passer un entretien quel question posent il pendant l'entretien je suis entrain de me préparer Minder

Sheorey Digital Systems

About my profile

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It's good

Can anyone pls share the questions asked for qa post?

The Haskell Company

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

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Helping Lexia Learning meet the needs of more schools and students. As the company grows, so shall my skills. Minder

No idea!

Foot Locker

When coming up to a key project deadline and it looks like you might not make it, what do you do?

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I would reach out to my supervisor/Director and review the obstacles and present potential options on how to best proceed? I was told this was the only right answer. Minder

You work as hard as you can. My work ethic is at its strongest here

Lunacon Construction Group

Are you familiar with the construction procedure?

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Yes sir/ma'am im familiar with the construction procedure but if im short with other construction procedure im willing to learn the right and complete procedur. Minder


Quelle campagne vous a le plus marqué pourquoi En quoi cette campagne représente la maison chloé (vous n'avez que quelques minutes pour répondre) Test en anglais

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Cela prend beaucoup plus de temps que 15 minutes, et les questions sont plutôt difficiles pour un premier entretien!! (on est censé apprendre à vous connaitre...Mais on ne pose aucune question sur vos goûts, c'est plutôt un test) l'intitulé est mensonger, on teste vos connaissance de la marque, on ne cherche pas à connaitre votre personnalité!! Minder

Bonjour, Je vous remercie pour votre témoignage sur l'expérience que vous avez eu. J'aurais une question si ce n'est pas trop demandé, le test d'anglais consiste à quoi ? Ce sont des questions sur notre personnalité en anglais ? des questions très scolaires ? ou encore des questions sur la marque en anglais ? Minder


Quels sont les leviers sur lequels l'équipe marketing peut jouer pour modifier ses ventes ?

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- Proposer un nouveau plan de merchandising - La mise place d'animations des rayons pour booster les ventes Minder

Les 4 P (produit, place, promotion, prix)

Turner and Townsend

why do you want to work here? what do you know about the role and the company? what can you bring to the team? tell me more about your skills and current role?

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the company development

Just had a similar experience. 2 face to face interviews and a month later no news. Rude Minder

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