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Hartman Income REIT
Er werd een Assistant Property Manager gevraagd...26 september 2016

I was asked many personal questions.

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I had my devout Christian father and Real Estate Broker review my answers and know that I did well on the assessments, including the math portion. If this is truly a Christian company, based on certain values, an honest reason why I was denied the position would have been ideal. Minder

They were neither truthful nor transparent. Always the same modus operandi: they portend their Christianity while tearing you to pieces. Cliques abound and suspicions run high. Don't think God woman approve of such false prophets. Minder

I don't know why they call themselves christian when their actions are not really christian base. I work for them for 2 years and during those two years, I was humiliated and accused of things caused by my supervisor. I confidentially asked HR (Kimberly Strickland) for an internal investigation, the first thing she did was notify my supervisor and the vice president of the company what I had told her. Instead of helping, she contributed so I could be fired. They refused to pay my 80 hours vacation and Kimberly ignored all my emails. HONESTLY YOU WILL BE BETTER WORKING FOR ANY OTHER COMPANY. Minder


Why are you leaving your current job?

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Dallas tx

I don't have a job I m look for work

I don't have a job


Are you comfortable with leasing apartments with rent this high?

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I am extremely Confident with leasing apartments from all ranges. I am very thorough, persistent, goal oriented, team player and always want to keep growing in my career Minder

I am unsure, I would have to see all floorplans and amenities

Bell Partners Inc.

How are you dealing with angry residents?

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When I deal with angry Residents, I let them tell me what is going on and depending on their problem why they are so angry AI tell them I will everything possible ng on get it taking care of asap. Sometimes we have to call different vendor a if something broken that our Maintenance person el aren't qualified to do. I let my tenants know the situation in of course a friendly non argumentative way what we have to do on our end and we will get someone there asap. You do not argue back ever. You make them aware you are on top of the problem and keep them updated by reassure them they are imp to US and that problem will be taken care of asap. Minder

In a very assuring friendly manner

Klingbeil Capital Management

How long has you been in this field

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three years plus

10 years

Unico Properties

Describe one of the biggest challenges you've overcome in your career.

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Realizing that everything can’t be perfect all the time. And realizing even though I adore for perfection it’s not always attainable Minder

Realizing that everything can’t be perfect all the time. And realizing even though I aspire for perfection it’s not always attainable Minder


How do you feel about administrative work?

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Administration work is more challenging, we face new issues to resolve every day. Manager should be more responsible and active to handle all situations. Minder

I’m actively equipped to maximize productivity in administrative regards and understanding the sense of urgency regarding detailed systems as well as effective financial/budget operations for increased Profit. Minder


Q: What marketing ideas can you bring to a new lease-up property?

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)

Well you need to know your crowd first so depending on what their needs are. So I would say get out in the community and hit up some local place ie colleges maybe students returning back to college, or local restaurants, and see what suits them. Wether it’s the first month free, or waiving the application fee. There’s so many great things you could do. Minder

About my experience.

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I explained my experience but found they only remembered parts of it.

➖10 years of direct experience managing Class A /Luxury Lease Up, Commercial and Mixed use Multi-Site Residential Assets (60-700 units). Dedicated to shedding light on Affordable Housing in Urban Areas, Understanding & Assessing ROI/ Financial Analytics on Real Estate Investments. ➖A marketing strategist and zealous Community Manager, that consistently thrives off creative innovation and encourages cross team collaboration while promoting a results oriented atmosphere. Key specialities in Sales & Leasing Training, Acquisitions/ Due Diligences with prime focus on Market Repositioning, Rebranding & Company Identity. Minder

Mission Rock Residential

Do you have tax credit experience?

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Yes; with examples of when, where and how long.


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