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Charles Schwab
Er werd een Broker Trainee gevraagd...14 augustus 2012

Phone/Person: Why Schwab? Phone/Person: What do you know about the company? Phone: Name a time you had to go above and beyond to help a customer. Phone: Tell me a little more about your [experience at the last company]. Person: Tell me about a time when you had to get a group to to cooperate with what you are doing. Tell me about a time when you had to get a group, outside of your own, to cooperate. Tell me about a time when you had to explain a technical term to someone who was not familiar with it. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer and how you dealt with it. SIFMA: I don't remember the exact questions, but be sure to study logic questions (multiple choice answers with a) necessarily true b) necessarily true but not false c) not enough info given [never the case] d) necessarily false but not true e) necessarily false) and financial-related math questions (stock split, return rates, rate comparisons, percentage, etc). Yes, you are required to add, subtract, multiply, and divide by hand. Approximately 26 logic questions (30 minutes given) and 27 math questions (1 hour given).

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hidup ini bagaikan malm menjadi terang yang diterbitkan cahaya matahari dan di hias seorang bidadari yang cantik pada waktu sesaat dalam hati merenung Minder

Whoever this anonymous person is. Hmu

eXp Realty

What are your expectations

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To see how the combination of the eXp cloud real estate concept and my experience in the TN real estate market can mutually benefit the customer/clients in this market. :) Minder

My expectation is to work for a reliable company. Consistently giving as much loyalty, taking responsibility, and showing as much integrity as it askes of its employees. Furthermore putting in as much effort as anyone to make all parties live better, more fulfilling lives. Minder

I told them I expected to receive support and learn as much as I can while upholding ethics and legal perameters. Minder

Tradition Financial Services

basic stuff

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Please MESSAGE ME asap on 07727095459

it was really simple. Motivation basic questions and they were super chill. Very nice people as well. No technical questions. Did you get an offer? Minder

Hello, thank you for your post. I'm gonna pass the interview soon as well. Could you please describe the questions you had during the interview in the office ? Did you had an answer or not yet ? Minder

Newbridge Securities

Can you dial a phone

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This is a great place to work. No drug testing of any kind and Complience does not exist. You can litteraly be home all ad hitting the bong and no one cares. shave a little off the top of your clients accounts.NO Problem!! Minder

lol, is this a joke because these guys are known scammers?

She asked why I was there when I lived in the area that I do.

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I said it doesn't matter where I live, I need a good job.

Not a dumb question. If you travel a long way maybe you would be happier working close to home. Minder

Samuel and Co Trading

What's the most important day in the financial market?

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The first Friday in the month

Where the American indicators about employment

Allied Millennial Partners

We will charge you $ 500 for the digital copyright material?

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Can I buy from the actual seller, it is cheaper?

You get the $500 back if you pass the licensing exams

Charles Schwab

If Client A purchased 40 shares of stock at $30 per share and then sold 30% of the shares what would the profit be in the first quarter if the shares had increased in value by 12%?

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This is an example of the type of questions on the math portion, it is not an actual question. Minder

Echo Global Logistics

Do you have and sales experience?

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Yes I have experience of 2 years

Yes, I have some experience.

How much are you willing to make minimum over the next year?

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I would make over 250,000

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