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Wolverine Trading
Er werd een Trading Associate Intern gevraagd...21 oktober 2012

A king has 1000 bottles of water, exactly one of which is poisoned. Servants die the day after consuming the poison. The king holds a party and has his servants drink the bottles. The next morning, the king finds out which servants are dead. What is the minimum number of servants that the king needs at the party to determine which bottle is poisoned?

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Since the king has to wait to the next morning to know, it will require 999 servants. Minder

we dont know the capacity of a bottle, and a person can drink at an avg of 6 litre of water per day Minder

The king needs 10 servants. Label the bottles in binary: 0000000000, 0000000001, 0000000010, 0000000011, ... The 1st servant drinks all bottles where the 1st digit is 1, not 0. The 2nd servant drinks all bottles where the 2nd digit is 1, not 0. The 3rd servants drinks all bottles where the 3rd digit is 1, not 0. The rest of the servants drink similarly. After finding out which servants are dead, the king can match the unique binary number to determine which bottle is poisoned. Minder

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Bain & Company

How would you set up your solution to this case?

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What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?



Describe a time you had to persuade a coworker.

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Why consulting and why Mastercard?

Visa Inc.

Walk through an interface design you consider to be poorly designed and explain why. Then offer ten suggestions to improve this design.

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Get up and talk it out at the whiteboard. Involve the interviewer(s).

Auto-Owners Insurance

Who is your role model and why?

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The WHY is much more important than the Who. Be sure to intelligently back up your answer. Minder


Talk about a product category where we should be that we aren't.

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I discussed trends in greek yogurt and how the quaker equity and new Wimm-Bil-Dan purchase provides an opening for them Minder

Bain & Company

Por que você escolheu consultoria?

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Eu contei meus reais motivos e porque eu acreditava ter perfil.


Wo sehen sie sich in 2-3 Jahren?

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In einer Senior Consultant Position innerhalb eines dynamischen, agilen Teams


First he asked me some of my most frequented websites. Then picked one (Facebook) and asked how to improve it.

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I came up with not a very good response and found this difficult because I generally like the interface of Facebook. Minder


How would you improve your favorite product?

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Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck! Minder

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