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Er werd een Associate Systems Engineer gevraagd...27 augustus 2016

The interviewer asked me from my Resume only whatever I had written.He asked about my project and some basic questions from Java.

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Hi. what ques in second written test ??

What does the second round comprise of? The English assessment?

How was the 1st round interview and how to prepare for business communication test ?.I have interview in IBM on sep 11 Minder


I am from ECE. They asked me why d u want to join an IT company as u r from ece.

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during my graduation i realized.., that i cant get the groth in this field.., so i decided to switch my path from ece to IT. Minder

in PI, dont set ur goals too high (as MS or big money).

Cisco Systems

Explain how a digital camera works.

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This is a bad question in my opinion -- either you know it or you don't. It does not allow you to think through a process and demonstrate your reasoning as, say, a logic question would. Minder

Where's the like button on your comment? I agree. Perhaps it is to see if you can navigate your way through something you know nothing about? Minder

I was somewhat in the ballpark on this one. Basically a semiconductor charges and absorbs the electrons from the photons of light being emitted. Then a mechanism converts this "analog" data into "digital" data. Minder

Cisco Systems

What are some of Cisco's products?

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Just don't make any jokes about tablets.

Actually, as long as you back up any jokes/statements you make with data or background research, feel free to say whatever you like. If I were the interviewer and you told me that the Cius is the worst tablet on the market and you can support that statement with facts, research, and valid opinions based on your knowledge, then I would be very impressed. There are many perspectives that people have today on the Cius, both good and bad -- whether it succeeds in the marketplace is still to be seen. Minder

Well, I am glad to hear that. We're taught in school to stay away from speaking negatively about a company, regardless of how much research or knowledge is backing up that opinion. The real world is apparently more practical than that in this case. On a side note, I had no data/research (not to mention valid opinions) on the tablet, putting me at a disadvantage from square one. Clearly it was unwise of me to say what I said, but by the same token, my point of contention still held water: no consumer-targeted tablet is going to put a dent in the iPad. Had I been able to actually vocalize that point more clearly, maybe it would have appeared to be a respectable, valid opinion. Minder


Dangling Pointer in C++

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Pointer which points to a garbage value

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Associate Systems Engineer experts who've worked at IBM, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Minder


Questions based on your resume together with DS/DAA questions.

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Even i have the same interview.

Bro, 2020 pass out??

Can you please elaborate on what questions exactly asked in DS/DAA? I got an interview with them next week. Thanks in advance Minder


Hr Questions :- 1.) Tell me something about yourself. 2.) What do you know about IBM. 3.) Why do you want to join IBM. 4.) Final year project.

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Be confident Be fluent and Prepare your final year project well as this is the area where they basically focus more. Minder

If you could please tell me what's there in the Java online coding assessment test of IBM. What types of programs were asked to write? Thanks Minder

I attended the interview but did not get email yet


tell me about ur self? Strength, Weakness basics only

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I told all

how many got selected and how many people attended the interview ?

i have interview in IBM on sep 11..can u elaborate the process and what difficulties u have faced...when will they announce the results ? Minder


About paper presentation

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I told entire idea of the paper

Did u get any information or any phone call after that..I too got selected in the same drive Minder


Suppose there is an 1D array full of digits. How would you find out which digit has the least or no repetition at all using for loop only once.

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hash mapping and doubly linked list would do. Just did the rough codes. He only wanted to hear which data structure I should use. Minder

Have u got the call letter ???

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