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Er werd een Automation Engineer I gevraagd...9 april 2013

In ten years, do you see yourself working as a senior engineer, lead engineer, or project manager?

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I said lead engineer, and my interviewer agreed that it was a common response. I don't know whether that's a good or bad sign, but either way, this is a good opportunity to ask about their group structure. Minder

CDM Smith

Have you used a PLC before?


-What was the most difficult situation you encountered in a project or other event and how did you fix it


Nothing unexpected and no technical questions. Just questions about my resume.


Trying to explain how my past experience relates to what the position is looking for and how my past experience will be beneficial in the new role.

MAVERICK Technologies

Walk me through your resume and tell me about some of your engineering experiences.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Mostly about your projects in your resume. Programming questions and overall power systems understanding question.


The coding problems are supposed to be completed in Java. C++ is accepted, too. Look at basic programming problems online before you go.

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