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Embassy Suites
Er werd een Banquet Captain gevraagd...6 augustus 2015

Did I have reliable transportation

2 antwoorden

My answer was yes

I Was Become a Captain From Us Navy Police Department And More

The Tidewater Inn

What has been your favorite banquet position?

1 antwoorden

Working out of state at a resort

Country Club of the South

What is your day to day like?

1 antwoorden

I answered truthfully and with ease.

Embassy Suites

The asked me to set up a dinning room table with silver, china and glass wear for banquets.

1 antwoorden

I set up the table up the proper way.

The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston

Tell me about your experience.

1 antwoorden

Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this position today. I have the skills and qualities needed to excel in my role. I am a fast learner, and I am great at working under pressure. I can manage a large workload; I am a supportive team worker, and I will always take care of your customers. And finally, I added my last experience. Minder

Marriott International

What kind of events had I set up before? What was my management experience?

1 antwoorden

I just told them about my previous experiences and how I handled myself.

Sea Trail Resort & Convention Center

What makes you stand out in comparison to any other applicant?

1 antwoorden

When I consider an event I try to think of it as if I were the consumer and I attmpt to create a masterpiece for each and everyone. Minder

Cranberry Resort

When can you start.

1 antwoorden

I wasn't expecting to be offered a position I didn't apply for, and I wasn't expecting an offer to be made on the spot. I signed the paperwork with HR before I left. Minder

Marriott International

What are your strengths and weakness

1 antwoorden

passion for excellent guest relations, training associate, Food and beverage Expect associates to work to their potential as they learned in training Minder

Chelo's Hometown Bar & Grill

How much do you make at your current position?

1 antwoorden

Not enough

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