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Er werd een Banquet Floor Manager gevraagd...18 september 2013

There honestly wasn't one.

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I was pretty much laughing throughout the entire interview.

Marriott International

What organizational change did you find challenging and difficult

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Looked for positives in the change, adjust mental lookout and either you're on the train or in the station. I was definitely on board Minder

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Why do I want this position?

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What will I bring to the position that someone else would not?

Marriott International

why did you left your last job?

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Career Growth


If hired what would I do in the first in the first few weeks/months

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I would watch and ask questions, I would not go in trying to change anything. I would ask all the other departments for their feedback of any issues and wht they would like to see change. And I would work on the major issues at first and they slwo change things as need to make the department better Minder


How would I handle it if something went wrong during an event.

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Every situation is different. Assess what is happening, and do what evr needs to be done to correct it. Stay cool and calm. Minder


What do you think you are great fit for Maggiano's?

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Because i am very good with people, i consider myself a peoples person. I'm always looking to make everyone else happy around me. Minder

Why do you want to work here?

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The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

tTe time you handled 2000 guest for the first time in your managerial career. What were the difficulties and how did you handle it.?

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Co-ordinating with the vendors from outside (from host vendors), they were late in their setup fortunately with our boys we made setup and party went smooth. Minder

Royal Orchid Hotels

Revenue Analysis, Banquet Area wise Revenue Generation, Sales Call etc.

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With a positive attitude and a sensible expected answer that fitted the bracket of the requirement Minder

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