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Er werd een Build Engineer gevraagd...21 mei 2009

Are you smart?

7 antwoorden On the other hand, people prefer cockiness to competency, so maybe the best answer is to boast about how you taught Donald Knuth everything he knows. Minder The results of the Dunning-Kruger study show that incompetent people massively overestimate their ability, while truly competent people are typically unaware that they are on the far-right side of the bell curve. Assuming that the interviewer is aware of this effect, the best strategy to play is modesty. Minder

Yes, at-least by the standards of the people I worked and studied with in the past. Minder

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write atoi()

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// should be OK for base 10 int atoi(char* string) { int val = 0; // check if value is negative bool negative = *string == '-'; // skip sign if(negative || *string = '+') string++; while(*string) { // accumulate digits val = 10*val + (*string - '0'); string++; } // remember to check for sign if(negative) val = -val; return val; } Minder

Enrico, you didn't consider integer overflow case .. INT_MAX, INT_MIN.

Can you tell me what did the director spoke to you... please I have my round in few days. Minder

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Motorola Mobility

What do you know about branching strategies?

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Branching by feature: code release from trunk; branching by release: release directly from branch Minder

Allmost all version control system today support branching . It basically independent line of work that stem from one central code base. Minder

I was new to Git and didnt know much about strategies with branching.


How do you stop Jenkins from filling up the disk when there's limited space?

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Limit the number of executors used by Jenkins and run cleanup as a post build step. This can be a trial and error process and the number of executors can be changed on the fly via Groovy code. They person asking me the question did not seem to understand any of this, notrdid he have an actual answer for the problem himself. Minder

There is an option in jenkins to clear workspace it has downloaded for the build, once the build is complete. There is also an option in jenkins to only keep history of last few builds. Minder

GE Digital

Can you work independently

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Could you elaborate more on the interview questions?



How many points are there on the earth where you could travel one mile south, one mile east, then one mile north and end up in the same spot you started?

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North Pole



Why was I at my last employer so long? (my previous position had been 30 years).

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I enjoyed the job, lots of different assignments to do. Never any compelling reason to leave and go elsewhere. Minder


What is the end plastic connector on a CAT 5 cable

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RJ45 connector

Did you undergo face to face interview?

BNED LoudCloud

perform installation amd configuration of various products like jenkins, jackabbit, tomcat, mysql,

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installed almost everything successfully :)

Rain Bird

What would be your approach to (x) technical challenge?

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First, I made sure I knew what I was talking about. I gave examples, and when pressed, stayed confident in my answer. As ever, don't bluff. Minder

Take credit if the results are good; place blame on your direct reports if the results are bad. This is the Rain Bird way, no joke. Tony likes to hear answers like this. Minder

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