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Er werd een Business Inside Sales Account Executive gevraagd...9 februari 2020

Give me a time when you had an unhappy customer because of a mistake you did. How would/did you handle this situation?

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I worked with you before and liked it there but it was too far from my home looking for something closer to my home Minder

Never. The job is a little bit heavy but there’s people there to help you


How do you manage your sales funnel?

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They're looking for a response around time managment.

Metrics. Metrics metrics "it's all about having qualified FACE TO FACE conversations" lol Minder


Do you door knock?

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At the beginning yes plenty of it as well as calls.but as you establish more business relationships and you have a better grasp of the job you will knock less but more effectively. Minder


None. They based hiring on cultural fit within the organization.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Told them I was customer service oriented and that I struggled with lots of desk work and needed a very fast paced environment. Minder

Canon Solutions America

knowledge of business solutions

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Describe the disease state and MOA of Rnai therapy

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Clinically sound

Toshiba America Business Solutions

Do you like prospecting? (Hint: If the answer is no, this isn't for you.)

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Can you stay focused through adversity?


Why do you want to work at HubSpot as opposed to all of the other companies out there?

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I said I like the culture, based on what I have read on-line.


Tell me a time when you couldn’t close a sell and how did you overcome it.

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Tenacity. Never give up. Be present, available and willing when the incumbent makes a mistake and when that happens, babysit the opportunity, monitor the service, report back with findings, keep asking for the business. Minder

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