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1. What are the challenges when implementing KYC rating system in a KYC platform and how to overcome them when building a platform from scratch? 2. Are you familiar with API compliance rating integration and why is it important for compliance that all want to have it? 3. Are you familiar with AI and what do you think of its use in a KYC platform.

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Can you work under the pressure What level of your SQL programming language.

More about my work in my previous organization

I was asked to introduce myself and the interviewers introduced not only themselves, but also the company. Every interview turned more into a discussion then a questionnaire. I appreciated the interviews and I liked it also, that I was not asked the usual questions (Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths). It was more like getting to know each others - and, of course, the company. I rate the interview difficulty as average as one tries to do the best and is a little nervous. I would consider the interview difficulty Easy if I have an interview, but I am not really interested in the position and difficult if I would be asked these annoying questions already mentioned and if the interviewer is like a wall where on cannot judge if one managed to get oneself across.

Mainly review CV and cover letter

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why do you want to work for deloitte and not your previous employer

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Hoe denk je dat je week er ongeveer uit gaat zien?

Walk me through your resume? Why Asset Management division? Which of your competences can be best applied to this position? What do you know about the company? How would you approach a problem (don't remember which one though)?

How do you see the role and how it fits in the company? What is your background and experience ? What were the specific task in your previous roles? What made you choose Nutanix?