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your background, what is the link between your previous experience and the current position; a lot of technical questions about basic financial concepts, what are the components of a balance sheet, P/L statement, how to conduct a company valuation, market cap, etc..

Tell me more about our company. What are strenghts and weaknesses of our product? What do you do to find a certain test group ABCD within a tight timeframe?

Explain a situation where you had to solve a conflict

- Why do you want to work for Vimpelcom - Give me an example of something where you had impact - What gives you energy - Why should we hire you

They give you a dataset and ask you to analyze it and come to conclusions

Hoeveel basketballen passen er in deze kamer

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If you were to choose the perfect supplier for Vopak, what characteristics should he have?

If your boss tells you to do one thing and you prefer a different approach, what do you do?