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Walk me through your resume? Why Asset Management division? Which of your competences can be best applied to this position? What do you know about the company? How would you approach a problem (don't remember which one though)?

What would you improve in Uber

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your background, what is the link between your previous experience and the current position; a lot of technical questions about basic financial concepts, what are the components of a balance sheet, P/L statement, how to conduct a company valuation, market cap, etc..

Explain a situation where you had to solve a conflict

- Why do you want to work for Vimpelcom - Give me an example of something where you had impact - What gives you energy - Why should we hire you

They give you a dataset and ask you to analyze it and come to conclusions

Hoeveel basketballen passen er in deze kamer

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If you were to choose the perfect supplier for Vopak, what characteristics should he have?