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1. What are the challenges when implementing KYC rating system in a KYC platform and how to overcome them when building a platform from scratch? 2. Are you familiar with API compliance rating integration and why is it important for compliance that all want to have it? 3. Are you familiar with AI and what do you think of its use in a KYC platform.

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1. Need to evaluate existing solutions in the market, identify their inefficiencies, sugest and implement improvements to those amounting to best practices. 2. Concerned companies want to have fast and fresh service that can also be performed without human intervention. They also want to make sure that the information is as much up to date as possible. 3. I am. It is a good idea to use it as it removes human error. However, a lerning path that emerges based on exception can incur more harm if AI receives full control of the process.

Strength-based interview questions, (they will send you a list with how to answer them) with FDM, 10min presentation with the client. +10min Q/A

Beoordeeld op 5 competenties uit de vacature. Waar zou je energie uit halen in je werk?

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General talk about my past experience and how can I bit fit for the role. No tricky questions.

Wat voor rol heb je in een team Wat zijn de mindere kwaliteiten van jou als team player Waarom heb je op deze functie gesolliciteerd Wat zou je het leukst vinden in de functie Hoe ga je om met een situatie waarin je veel verschillende dingen tegelijkertijd moet doen

Background related questions, mainly regarding consultancy roles

Waarom kies je voor PWC?

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