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Ben je bereid om incidenteel in het weekend beschikbaar te zijn voor roll-outs?

My knowledge regarding business processes and SAP

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what are my key strenghts

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Waarom wil je weg bij je huidige werkgever.

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I was asked to introduce myself and the interviewers introduced not only themselves, but also the company. Every interview turned more into a discussion then a questionnaire. I appreciated the interviews and I liked it also, that I was not asked the usual questions (Where do you want to be in 5 years? What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths). It was more like getting to know each others - and, of course, the company. I rate the interview difficulty as average as one tries to do the best and is a little nervous. I would consider the interview difficulty Easy if I have an interview, but I am not really interested in the position and difficult if I would be asked these annoying questions already mentioned and if the interviewer is like a wall where on cannot judge if one managed to get oneself across.

What methodologies have you used?

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