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Ceequence Technologies
Er werd een Business Development Executive Or Senior Customer Service Representative gevraagd...14 juni 2017

What are your key strengths

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“I think my greatest strength is my positive attitude, even during the most hardest of times. During my college project, there has been couple of occasions, when our idea was not falling in place and the results were negative. I had to believe and think positively and keep my team motivated to persist on our idea, and finally we got the desired result. Minder

K4 Solutions

How do you see yourself performing in an organization that is growing and fast paced.

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Challenges are welcomed and I always strive to exceed the expectations of the requirements. Minder

CB Insights

What is it specifically about this organization that interested me

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The idea that it allowed companies to get ahead of the curve

Toshiba America Business Solutions

What position have you been in that you think will help you most with this job.

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I think the position that i was in while selling software will help me the most with this job. (Also business Dev. and explained why) Minder

Ceequence Technologies

Why should we hire you

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I have a sharp learning curve, which will help company ramp me up quickly as a productive resource. An example of my learning curve is my final year project, where I have worked on a short time frame on an entirely new technology Minder

Ceequence Technologies

What is one thing, which you want to improve about yourself ? (OR) what are your weaknesses

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I tend to say Yes, when someone asks for help. I am working on learning to say No at times Minder

Business Wire

What have you been doing since you left your previous job? What have you been doing since you left "previous industry competitor"?

THG Sports

How will you react when you consistently get turned down on the phone?


Do you have relationships with Hospitals that we can sell into quickly?

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