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Er werd een Business Development Representative gevraagd...4 december 2013

In your own words, what is SaaS?

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Software As A Service

Software sales enablement.

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How do I manage my time

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Every minute of the day means a lot to me, so I piriotized it, no procrastination. Minder

I prioritize my time and I never procrastinate.


Probing questions that create an understanding of your motivation and and background but very fair

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It is best to answer honest and show that you are an individual

Thank you very much for the oppourtunity you offer me,you are so kind.Iam very eager to work in your company through the oppourtunity you will offer me.There are so many reasons that makes me to be motivated to work with you 1, I want to live permanently in your country becouse ilove your country, the peoples and the peoples life style and also i love the peoples work habit 2, Another reason is poverty.I was born in a poor family.I need to eradicate these poverty by working hardly. iam also a student at wollo university but i will graduate within after seven monthes.after graduation i want to come and work with you. please help me iam so eager.iam sure you will help me becouse you are the blessed one. Minder


Why AWS? Why chosen position? What do you know about AWS products/advantages/clients?

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Know your principles and be ready to have professional or personal experience which answers each of them. Minder

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the feedback at the bottom of that page related to various roles! Thanks & good luck! Minder


Tell us about the product.

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You should research this beforehand

Zoom Video Communications

Why should we hire you for this role? Why zoom? Why BDR? How would a sales organization define success from implementing the platform? How do you handle the drive it takes to cold call, reach out, and have to try many times in order to get any results?

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Because when I start . I pretend that I am like For Reals once I do this every because if I do like owner he saves money saves time and become valuable employee. Thank you Minder

That one easy I have huge audience big


You will be presenting your case study, which I think they are fishing for information to be used later in their sales process. I felt taken advantage of.

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It took about 2-3 hours to prepare the "case study". A lot of effort and at the end, they do not give you any feedback, just an automated message saying 'thank you but no thank you'. Minder

I went through the same thing. No wonder the job posting had been up for 3 months. They're not actually looking to hire anyone. They ended up rejecting me for "lack of strategic vision" in my plan, but took SO long that I found a director level position in the meantime. Minder


What is BANT?

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Don't know, never heard of BANT.

Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline


How would you sell a Groupon to a merchant worried about discounting prices and "discounting their brand"

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I used the Challenger sales model to answer the question to which the interviewer was incredibly satisfied. Minder



1) What were the KPI's you were measured upon in your current role? 2) How would you narrow down a list of 1,000 companies to your top 40?

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