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Er werd een Business Development Specialist gevraagd...3 augustus 2012

Why did you leave your previous job?

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Factory production area will remain closed due to flooding hub area

Factory and production area will remain closed due to flooding hub area


Which 2 of our 5 values do you embody (on back of a business card)?

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Integrity and Commitement

The Alea Group

If I had past experience on the telephone, if I had past sales experience, am I comfortable on the phones, that this is a position requiring me to be on the phones cold calling for ghe majority of the day. If I am comfortable with that

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Yes, I've been in a telemarketing position before. I had sales experience at the mall. I have been in a customer service position before. Minder

Flywheel Sports

What type of birthday cake would you make for a client?

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One with great icing. Should have something relating to a hobby or interest of the person. Minder

Consero Group

No unusually difficult questions. "How do you motivate people working on a team with you?", "How would you deal with people who are negative at work?", "How would you convince senior executives to come to our conferences?"

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Depends on the person. Internal deadlines work well for keeping a team on track. Ignore negative people and fight back with relentless optimism. Minder


A good number of questions centered around my experience and approach to building a pipeline, prospecting for new accounts and managing relationships with existing clients. These were all not only very appropriate but core to them determining if I'd be a good fit for the position and their culture.

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I answered them honestly and approached the process as if I was selling my skills and talents to them. Overall I think this was what landed me the position I was going after with Pride. Minder

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Tell me about your background as it is relevant to this role?

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I went through point by point on my resume as it related to the role and to the challenges of the role. Minder


Start a matrimony website different than present players

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Could you please give us a bit more detail about the first 2 rounds??thanks


why u wanna join dis position

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because i possess all d skills required for it and i am passionate abt it

Viva Wallet

How many prospects and leads can you bring on board with you when joining that company that could be turned into customers are soon as you join?

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I answered that you can't sign customers so easily just because you sold them a different solution in the past but that I do have a portfolio, and that most of all I would work on a pipeline to generate more leads and new customers Minder

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