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Waar ben je het meest trots op geweest?

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During technical interview: What are the domains of Machine Learning? What do you know about Statistical Learning Theory? Why are you interested in Deep Learning (I had applied for Deep Learning vacancy)? What are SVMs (he spent a lot of time on SVMs)? Why are they better than NNs and why are they worse? What is Backpropagation in NNs? Why is Deep Learning emerging only now? What are types of NNs? What is the difference in backprop between RNN and ANN? Do you know OOP? What is inheritance? What is multiple inheritance? What are its problems and how do you solve it? Are you familiar with Scrum?

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Welke aanpak heb je gekozen voor de technische toets en waarom?

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Waarom heb je voor Capgemini gekozen

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About past experience, expectations of the applied position, and why I chose this company to apply to.

Nu we het hebben over relaties, ben je meer een "sales"-persoon of juist een "politisch"-persoon?

What are your short term , long term plans? How do you solve issues with business stakeholders/users?

Why are you here? Please share experiences when you led a team How do you perceive this role? How would you use your experience for this role? Please guide me through your resume

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