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Er werd een Business Intelligence Manager gevraagd...12 april 2013

As memebers of the analytics team, we responsible for supporting all of Yammers other teams including Product dev & Eng, marketing, sales, Customer engagement and Exec team. Pick one of these teams and explain the problems it has and some ways you might go about solving them using data.

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Thank you for posting the actual questions from the math quiz and interview. Most others simply mention that there was a quiz. Minder

Your answers are wrong to the questions.

The answer to the casino question is 1/7=0.14 using Bayes Theorem.

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Offering 20% discount increases sales by 25% - what's the impact on financials, operations, marketing

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Gross profit margin will decrease. Example: if 100 units are sold at $10 and COGS per unit is $5. Then your margin is 50%. If 20% discount is offered and sales increases by 25%, then 125 units are sold at $8. Then your gross profit margin will reduce to ~37%. Minder

Effect on Operations: more work but will help to clear out inventory and move inventory at a quicker pace. Minder

No impact on financials (less revenue from more customers evens out exactly), more work for operations (fulfill more orders), no impact on marketing. Minder


Was asked to write queries for two problems - Q. Table: Customer_orders customer_id order_id order_day  123        27424624    25Dec2011  123        89690900    25Dec2010  797        12131323    25Dec2010  876        67145419    15Dec2011  Write SQL for customers who placed orders on both the days, 25th Dec 2010 and 25th Dec 2011? Customer_id order_id     order_datetime  1234         4141-4814     25/12/2010:06:15:00  1234         4141-4815     25/12/2010:06:20:00  1234         4141-4816     25/12/2010:06:41:00  1234         4141-4817     25/12/2010:06:50:00  8153         2525-1414     26/12/2010:07:13:00  8153         2525-1415     26/12/2010:13:10:10  Let's say I can combine two orders that are placed by the same customer within 20 mins of each other, what % of orders can be combined.

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SELECT COUNT(order_id_20pct)/count(order_id) FROM ( SELECT CASE WHEN DATEDIFF('minute',lag(order_datetime) over (partition BY customer_id ORDER BY order_DATETIME),order_datetime) <22 THEN order_id END order_id_20pct, order_id FROM bi_adhoc.AMZTIMES ) Minder

SELECT COUNT(order_id_20pct)/count(order_id) FROM ( SELECT CASE WHEN DATEDIFF('minute',lag(order_datetime) over (partition BY customer_id ORDER BY order_DATETIME),order_datetime) <22 THEN order_id END order_id_20pct, order_id FROM bi_adhoc.AMZTIMES ) Minder

SELECT ( SELECT COUNT (order_id) FROM ( SELECT customer_id, order_id, order_datetime, DATEDIFF('minute',lag (order_datetime) over (partition BY customer_id ORDER BY order_datetime),order_datetime) order_lag FROM bi_adhoc.amztimes ) WHERE order_lag < 22) / (SELECT COUNT(order_id) FROM bi_adhoc.amztimes) as pct_combined Minder


You have 50 coins that add up to $1. You go into a coffee shop to buy coffee that is $1. The shop has a policy that if you are a penny short, you can still get the coffee. You're about to pay and you drop one coin. What is the probability that you can still get a coffee?

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Given that the number of coins are positive integers, and adding two constraints: p + n + d + q = 50 and 0.01p + 0.05n + 0.1d + 0.25q = 1, then there are two solutions that exist in this space. Solution 1: p=40 n=8 d=2 q=0 Solution 2 p=45 n=2 d=2 q=1 Assuming both configurations of coins are equally likely, we take the probability that the coin being dropped is a penny. In the first case this is 40/50 and in the second case it is 45/50. The average of these two is 85%, so there's a 85% chance we can still buy the coffee. Minder

Can you show the math?


- Tell us about your experience based on what is mentioned on Resume and questions related to that. - How to acquire new customers? - What are the area's and KPI that you would look at.

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My Personal Skills Respect for work time . Team working abilities . Leadership capabilities . Interactive, fast leaner and time manager . Highly communication and presentation skill . Minder

I wanna job as a Driver. I have license 16year. I can speak english.urdu.Punjabi very well. Know well about every location of dubai.i have 5 year experience in office boy work at imad building material. I am well mannered and sincere my job. I need urgent job. Minder


The whole interview is based on a test of allotting time to workers based upon different variables. Essentially logic.

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I had two friends who work for them and I was told to prepare for the different stages of a credit card transaction, not said test. It's not that difficult, but I panicked as not being prepared. Once we started going over it it started making more sense. Minder


You're playing a game with a friend where some third party flips a fair coin. You can choose a sequence of either Heads, Heads, Tails or Heads, Tails, Heads. Your friend gets the remaining sequence. Whoever's sequence occurs first wins. Which do you pick?

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This is not too hard if you try a naive approach, which amounts to creating a probabilistic finite state diagram. If a T is tossed initially it benefits no one, so assume a H is tossed. If another H is tossed afterwards, it's easy to see that the sequence HHT wins. Instead, if a T is tossed (so the state is HT) there is a fifty percent chance afterwards that the sequence HTH wins and a fifty percent chance that state is reset to the initial one. This shows that HHT wins with with the probability. Minder

Rocket Internet

Run me through your CV?

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I did have experience in that field. I ran them through my CV showcasing how each position was related to the job that I was being interviewed for. Minder

Axis Bank

I was asked to solve one puzzle question.

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They look for approach to solving the puzzle rather than the final answer. I used a pen and paper to pictorially define and solve the puzzle given to me. It got their attention. Minder


What makes you uniquely qualified for this role?

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What I should have said: I'm not sure they could have chosen a more off-the-shelf and meaningless question. Minder

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