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Er werd een Technical Services, Business Intelligence Developer (Reporting Engineer) gevraagd...12 november 2013

TS Case Study - 3 Voicemails/Emails - How do you prioritize, and how you approach talking to people / deailing with new problems in some contexts. Reporting Engineer - a client has a clinic manager who wants him to create a report/graphs of appointments made/ missed over time of a group of patients along with ages, contact method. You are given a draft created by that client. Offer criticism and suggested improvements (basically in the process teasing out what is it they are looking to get out of this data and how to make the most sense out of it)

Sanford Health

What are the first 3 things you will do on your first day of work?


Basic Sql question, Joins, Constrains, CTE, Views, Index. Also many situation question like what did you do when you had difficult boss, didnt met the deadline etc.

Indicia Worldwide

Explaining your background and motivation. Giving details about previous experiences. Technical test.

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