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Er werd een Senior Business Objects Developer gevraagd...5 maart 2019

Second round was some basic Technical and Behavioral questions (How do you work under pressure)

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Calm relaxed to solve the problem

I look for we’re I went wrong

You don’t like my answers


Showed some code and asked what was wrong with it. They did provide guidance on what they were looking for.

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Syntax errors, best code practices

UnitedHealth Group

This was one of the better interviews because most of the question did not follow a stale printed piece of paper with canned questions. Most of the questions were based off of the information in the resume and what one experienced. That is not to say that other people did not use an outline or some standard questions as I am sure that they mixed in based on ones experience. There may have been one question that was of concern to the manager, is one willing to do technical support in the position?

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I answered the questions based on experience and whether I fell short or not, the only way to get the experience is to dive in and do the job or task. The environment seemed open and one would treated as an adult which I found to be a plus at least in the interviewing stage and if the interviewing process. Minder


how do you design data model for 3nf

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it was good

Spirit AeroSystems

Tell us about your development experience?

Spirit AeroSystems

How do you feel a a rotating on call scheduled?


Ability to handle critical issues


HR was basic. Discussed past employment. Then HR scheduled me for the next round with Director

AIM Specialty Health

why are you leaving your current position?

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