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Bank of America Merchant Services
Er werd een Assistant Vice President- Merchant Specialist gevraagd...7 juli 2011

Being from the industry do you think that the expectations we have from our sales specialist is unrealistic?

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What are their expectations for new reps ? What can you realistically expect to make first year if you have prior sales experience (yellow pages). Is there a high turnover at this company ? Do they expect you to work nights and weekends ? How are the medical benefits ? Thanks for your help ! Interviewing soon w/ them. Minder

The expectations are super high. The new structure they implemented end of last year (2011) is such that is based on micro management. It's a First Data model. The turn over in the last 9 months has been on the rise (not really sure about percentage wise). If you are not at goal, yes, they do expect you to work on Saturdays. The benefits are great. Total compensation is good after at least 13 months (they pay on a residual pay scale). Good luck! Minder

They want to know if you feel capable of selling up to their standard, they do not want a hear from you that you are going to three times, the goal, but they need to see how confident you are about reaching and achieving goal Minder


Are leaders born or made?

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To be a good/ efficient Leader, you have to be a good follower, as such Good leaders are made. Minder

Leaders are Made.


Nothing too difficult. One question was something to the effect of "what factors would you look at when making a trading decision."

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Great interview, lots of behavioral and fit. Asked

Hi. Are the chances of failing the personality test high? Reason being I answered it quickly in the middle of a hectic week, thus was not proud of some of the answers e.g. in Qs asking about science vs art, and whether I like attention (in one case, I answered I do, but the question came up again like 5 times, so I worry if they'll think I like attention too much, yet I just wanted to be consistent with my 1st answer.) What was your experience? Do they call one for interview either way, just to assess someone on more than just the test? Minder

Best Buy

Tell me about a time when you failed something.

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When did they drug test you? 48hrs after you accepted?

Try to turn this into a time when you learned something instead of a failure.


What would you do if the entire Shopify system just went down due to technical difficulties and one of your accounts just had a big influencer post about their product on social media moments before and are now super upset?

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I’d start by assessing the situation, tell the influencer that I’m sorry for the frustration and I’m working internally to get this resolved. I’d then follow up with the team, figure out what went wrong, assess the impact, and overall downtime. I’d report back to the influencer as much as time allows throughout the day with updates on the progress. One site wide servers have recovered I’d reach back out to the influencer, apologize for the inconvenience, and let them know that downtime is extremely rare on our platform. Once I have the all clear, I’d consult them to let them know they can repost or redirect users back to Shopify. Minder



What does one need to do in order to succeed in Marine Engineering? .

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Good questions, when you find out, please let me know. I think its a matter of living in harmony, with people, machines and the environment. You give respect, and hopefully you get it in return. Respect, in my opinion, is based on knowledge, the more you know the better decision you can make, the better things go, the more respect you can command. Minder


How does the internet work?

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I asked are you asking how would I go about accessing the website, or how the information itself is programmed and presented? Minder


No salary, it will be commission based only

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yes, I understand

UnionPay International

Behavior questions , SQL query

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writing very easy SQL queries

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