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City of Portland (Oregon)
Er werd een SAP Business Systems Analyst III gevraagd...2 maart 2021

1. How would your previous co-workers describe you? 2. Tell me how you handled competing priorities or ambiguity. one of those type questions 3. Walk me through the last Financial (FI) configuration you did in SAP. 4.Something else specifically related to a screen memorization from SAP can't recall. They really want an SAP Financials Developer who can configure.

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TIP# 1. Team player, learner...whatever this job is looking for that's what you say your former co-workers would describe you as. There are 2 typical run of the mill interview questions and 2 specific to FINANCIALS AND SAP SCREENS TIP#2 MEMORIZE AT LEAST ONE SAP Financial Module screen flow TIP#2 Go to City of Portland Website and pull those interview questions, rehearse answers to them...(they asked the ambiguity question and how would co workers describe you. Minder

Conagra Brands

How long were your intentions of working with this company?

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As long as I could continue to provide skills that would continue to make the company money. Minder

Crystal Claire Cosmetics

Do you have any experience with Opentext VIM?

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No this is not a relevant skill with JD.


What are the key skills for IT support ?

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What tools you use to check the ABAP coding ?

The Coca-Cola Company

Am I familiar with Winshuttle? What steps do I use for Extracting data? What is my ETL strategy and experience

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by giving examples

Ordusion Technologies

SAP Technical, Architecture, Database

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Can you explain the different Single point of failure in a SAP system


Tell us about yourself ?

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What is the 1st thing you would do if you are selected for this position ?


1. Explaining the job requirement and asking how comfortable you're 2. Some technical SAP questions 3. Questions about on call support, working style

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I felt that I fairly was on point and did the best of my ability. They seemed happy about the answers. I had a real interest with the company and in the job itself. So I was very conducive to their various requirements by word and spirit. They were not really work-life balanced, but they were not as bad as my other prior experiences. Minder


You will be asked specific questions pertaining to your experience

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Full disclosure. They want to know exactly what you did...not just what you were a part of. Minder


Why are you leaving your current job?

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I am presented with an opportunity at iHerb to do something that I will not only enjoy, but will add value and impact greatly in growing the company for years to come. Minder

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