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Remington Arms
Er werd een Buyer/Planner gevraagd...5 maart 2017

How do you feel about firearms?

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okay, don't have an issue against them.

I love to hunt.


If I had experience with ERP.

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I have worked many years with MRP which is very similar to ERP.

I have worked with MRP for over 10 years

Sunnen Products Company

Do you know how to use MRP/ERP?? Have you ever worked with Oracle??

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No, I'm sorry, I haven't. But the information I looked up on them seemed both very interesting and exciting! And I am a quick learner. Minder

No, I'm sorry, I haven't. But the information I looked up on them seemed both very interesting and exciting! And I am a quick learner. Minder

Accriva Diagnostics

what experience to you have with ERP/MRP and Excell programs.(looking for someone that is very knowledge-able in these fields.

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I am very familiar with ERP and MRP systems and what item master fields are required for planning to use. also, i am familiar with excel, would consider myself ad beggining expert. Minder

B W Elliott Manufacturing

I was interviewed originally for a Purchasing Clerk position for filing & organizing purchase orders. the most unexpected question was "Do you know your alphabet & can you work without being supervised?" My answer was yes & yes. The interview for my buyer/planner position was fine. My current supervisor took me to lunch. She asked me "Do you want to better yourself? Learn more about the manufacturing business? Do you want to be a buyer/planner? Are you willing to accept more stress in your life?'

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I took on the role of buyer/planner because I wanted to better myself and I did. I took this role because I felt I could make a difference and I did. My supervisor had faith in me and she taught me well. I never would have known what my capabilities were and how much more I could believe in myself had I was never given this opportunity. Minder

Accucam Machining

Everything based on Resume. Questions were generic.

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stating examples from past work experience


What is the mist intersting course that you did on the university, ehich projects did you did during your studies

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deepebs on the studies (industrial engineering and management degree)

Richards Industrials

Where do your see yourself in the next 1-5 years in your career.

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Advancing from within into a management role.

Media Consulta

Discuss my last title and what I had to do.

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Just explained what was my role in my last job and everything in details.


Have you looked at our website?

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The website was broken from before my first speaking with someone and is still down as of this writing. Minder

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