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Er werd een C# Programmer, Backend gevraagd...7 april 2016

If you were designing a multi-threaded program to crunch numbers and do highly cpu intensive processing would you expect a single threaded program to do better or one using 50 threads and why?

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not sure why you brought in VM... has nothing to do with the question....

This is one of the most dumb 18th century questions that can be asked. Threads are not same for a VM and the OS. Generally, a VM is allowed a single OS thread. Under such condition, more than one time slice is not possible by multithreading. Minder


How do you change the behaviour of a program without changing code?

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dll's.. d'oh!

Artix Entertainment

Mostly talked about my projects

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Quer fazer uma parceria com o jogo artrix poker

Stainless Games

What is a constructor in C++?

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A constructor is the first method that is called when a class is instantiated. If there is a class hierachy then the constructor of the base class is called first. Minder

Stainless Games

Where would you like to be in two years?

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I would like to work in the role for which I applied, and prove my expertise, with the hope that at some point in the future the company might consider how best my talents could be used. Minder

Stainless Games

How much would you like to be paid?

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As much as I can get!


If there are two circles with center point of circle 1: P1(x1,y1), radius : r1 and center point of circle 2 : P2(x2,y2), radius : r2 and Circle 1 as player and Circle 2 as enemy, then what is the function, algorithm, or your analysis to detect that player collide with enemy ?

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Check whether the distance between the two center points P1 and P2 is less than the sum of radii of the circles. ||P1-P2|| <= r1 + r2 should be true. Minder

Sumo Digital

C++ Asteroid game was given and was asked to fix issues and add few features.

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I could not fully finish it

Waterfront International

Write an algorithm to calculate the mean value of a set of numbers.

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The trick to this question is in handling data so large that the computer needs to truncate the less significant values. For example: 10e15 on a computer would probably be stored as 1.0 e 16. Precision for a float only extends to 6 numbers (if I remember correctly) so 1 000 000 000 000 001 (1.000000000000001 e 15) would be (1.00000 e 15). The algorithm should handle special cases like this or one should be aware of this when coding. Minder

Waterfront International

C++ questions not difficult. But they provide very little time to complete it thus making it difficult for people to get through.

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Obviously not very smart people behind such a technique.

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