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Trexis Insurance
Er werd een Customers Service Call Center Representative gevraagd...28 augustus 2020

How would you handle irate customers?

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Build a repor and try to connect with customer before moving on the the problem solution. You've got to be considerate. Minder

Build rapor let the person speak their peace make common ground

State Farm

They asked personal questions and qualities of what you have that can bring to the company.

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Very well, i got the job right away.

Marriott International

Can you handle back to back calls and navigate through multiple screens during a call?

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Progressive Insurance

What new technologies have you had to learn and how did you go about learning them?

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I talked about the newest computer system I had to learn at my most recent job.


All the same

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Make something up on the spot and keep it under 2 minutes. Typically 12-15 questions Minder

Royal Neighbors Of America

What would your former co workers say about you?

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That they did not know me that well but I was a good worker.

American Savings Bank

Describe a time when you had to deal with an angry customer and how did you deal with it?

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Gave a personal experience from a former job. I explained that I solved the problem using professionalism and problem solving skills. Minder

Roth Staffing

What frustrates you the most while taking calls for a customer?

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When a customer has been directed to the wrong department, then finally once the customer is directed to the correct department the customer is extremely upset with you because they were misinformed which can be frustrating. Minder

Acceptance Insurance

General interview questions.

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I answered accordingly.


What is your expected salary?

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I answered it honestly as to what I know.

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