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American Customer Care
Er werd een Call Center Supervisor gevraagd...5 augustus 2013

None to include. Every question was typical, such as "What would your last employer say about you?" and "What was your least favorite part about your last job?"

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If you have ever been on an interview, you will be over-prepared for this one.

It is never a good idea to bash a former employer, maintained dignity goes a lot further in an interview. Personally I revert back to the positive aspects of my previous work experience. Minder

Sequence Health

Why would you be interested in this position with the level of your experience.?

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comment - I wouldn't be appying for the job if I wasn't interested in the position and accepting of the known money level. Minder

If I had know what I know now I would have never taken the job. It's honestly not worth it. Minder

Datametrica Consultoria Pesquisa Contact Center

Como você pode contribuir com a empresa, e desenvolver um bom trabalho? Como você poder resolver conflitos?

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Sou um profissional capacitado e responsável sendo assim a melhor escolha para o cargo. Você precisa conhecer sua equipe e formar um bom clima assim você evita ter conflitos. Minder

Georgia Department of Driver Services

How many times have you ever called out for work?

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I have never called out work. I come to work because I don’t want to leave anyone else with pulling my shift for me. Minder

Pacific National Exhibition

Can you please contact us next week when the manager is back in the office

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No response to calls as requested


dizer as experiencias negativas com antigos chefes

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que não houve

Affiliated Computer Services

Can you work until 8pm?

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[I had to list a question in order to leave this comment] Not one difficult question. Interviewer rambled about some of the past challenges of managing a call center. I merely agreed and shared a few of my own (when I could get a word in). Minder

Suncoast Credit Union

Tell us about yourself and your resume

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Gave my standard elevator speech that highlighted my resume.


None. Myself and most other applicants left after or during the sales pitch.

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I didn't. I left after the sales pitch to avoid being overtly rude.

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