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Wildlife SOS
Er werd een Campaign Manager gevraagd...27 april 2019

What interests you about Wildlife?

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Humans can speaks for them but animals cannot so we need to fight for the sake of animals to give them voice. Minder

Because the love show towards human..


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4 persons take different time to cross a bridge. 1 min, 2 min, 7 min and 12 min respectively, max two people can cross the bridge at once. There is no light so 1 person has to carry a torch with him. What is the min time for all 4 to cross the bridge.

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(1) & (2) Cross with Torch 2 (1) Returns with Torch 1 (5) & (10) Cross with Torch 10 (2) Returns with Torch 2 (1) & (2) Cross with Torch 2 17 Minder

15 min is the right answer

Bear Claw Events

Rank in order from least to greatest: growth, travel, money, fun

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Growth, fun, money, travel


Activision Blizzard

Basic Interview Questions. Strengths, Weaknesses.. I came from a different field so they wanted to know how that translated to this job.

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This is an interesting read:

Standard answers, I tried to get personal with them have them get to know me, they know you can do the job, they want to know if they want to spend 40 hours a week with you. Minder


Tell me about a time you solved a complex problem

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They are looking to see your number crunching skills as well..

Your case should be about numbers & data analysis

Relentless Events

What my career goals were. What I see myself doing in the future.

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I really liked the fact we talk about the future because that is the point of the program, not the today,but the management side of things. Training someone with no experience to be a manager, Minder

This is a loaded question. Any way you answer can be wrong. The best answer is ............ "I really don't have a definite plan" "I will work hard to excel at my current position while keeping my eye out for any new opportunities that may come my way" Minder


One question that was asked was what are the important qualities and skills for an employee.

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Organizational skills, maintaining positive attitude, collaboration, interpersonal skills, team support, independent initiative, Minder

Once stepped into an executive position, 5 years from there, where would you be?

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Running a company and building my clients. As well as making time to travel!

Lakeside Events

Why am I interested in marketing

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It was my minor

Precision Acquisitions Direct

What are your future goals

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Becoming a successful entreprenuer

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