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Er werd een Channel Account Manager gevraagd...27 april 2010

what did you sell? how did you close a difficult customer

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telecommunications and I always looked for a way to resolve their concern...sometimes even if they said oh were not interested, they are but maybe can't afford it so they say that, so you just turn questions around until you get what they are trying to say. Minder

The Predictive Index

Would you like to apply for two positions that you are far more qualified for?

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Explain the saw tooth inventory graph

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You need to know the components of the graph, and what each component means.


-Qualifications questions -Why I wanted to switch jobs and why Odoo -We did a supply chain case and another one about a service company and how they bill

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-BANT = Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline ( minimum you should know)on a first call with a prospect -I want to work have experience in channel and work with both markets: Northam and Latam and be accountable for the entire sales cycle and they gave me this opportunity -There is no right or wrong question, you just need to think logically. Minder

Colt Technology Services

May I ask how old the the applicant is?

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I did not answer this question


To present a 30/60/90 day plan on what I would like to achieve.

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Presented in a Powerpoint presentation


Asked about previous experience

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outlined previous experience


General aptitude questions.

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You dodged a bullet. This company sucks d*** and reeks all the way up to the top. Minder


Do you want the job? Do you know what it entails and are you OK with the hours?

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Yes (it pays more). I know, I have seen my friends do it for years. The hours are same as my current job and I am OK with it. Minder


Most questions were just about how I would handle specific situations as it relates to the business.

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Give examples of how I would go through the process for clients.

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