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Er werd een Channel Sales Manager gevraagd...27 december 2013

Can u Join Immediately???

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The company is appointing the employees as a designation of Branch Manager, Area Sales Manager, Channel Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and etc and offered them the good salary packages and after one or two months of there working company fired them without intimating and without paying a single penny or salary to there employees by saying that they are not working properly. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY, THIS COMPANY(FORUN EXPRESS COURIER & CARGO LTD) IS A FRAUD COMPANY. THIS COMPANY IS BLACKLISTED NOW. THIS COMPANY'S CHAIRMAN R.K ADHWANI IS FRAUD, BLACKLISTED AND A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE COMPANY AND THERE EMPLOYEES. Minder


Thanks for sharing

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Star2Star Communications

What do you know about S2S and explain how we are different. Sell me on S2S.

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I use this question all the time to find out if the candidate took the time to simply read our website! I can't you how many people come in and have no idea what the company does let alone how to sell us our own products!! Take the time to look at the website and then stick to the very basics, we don't expect you to know the secret sauce, but how about knowing the basics!! This is a great example of a question that is asking you a question, just not the question you think is being asked. Minder


i explained it as best as I could, but the idiocy of the question just confounds me. If you dont know their story as good as current employees you wont get hired. Minder

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HP Inc.

Why do you want to join HP?

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It's one of the leading company in the sector world. and it is a good opportunity to start the career with HP company. Minder

I am doing work of repairing of all hp computers. So i want to do job for more all computers solutions and other works Minder

It's very good company I have great opportunity to work here if I selected

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Green Chef

Describe how you'd decide (calculate, analyze, ROI) if a opportunity of Ellen is worth the investment?

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One of the interviewers loved to hear himself talk. I obviously wasn't answering the question with the answers they wanted to hear -- so he kept probing me, just to hear himself ponder questions -- much to the dismay of another interviewer in the room who was equally as uncomfortable as I was, moving around in his seat, looking at his watch and phone every five seconds. I accidentally said called them a competitors name and I said "Ha, that should be an automatic disqualification, you should see me to the door." And I really wasn't kidding, I wanted out badly. Minder

What kind of interview question is this? Furthermore, the question should read.....An investment, not a investment. Bad sentence structure and this person is interviewing potential employees? Sad. Minder

What kind of interview question is this? Furthermore, the question should read.....An opportunity not a opportunity. Bad sentence structure for a person interviewing potential employees. Sad Minder

Rain Bird

How would you develop a relationship with Spanish speaking Hispanic Landscapers that are self employed, don't buy from wholesalers, and market to them so that they prefer our products?

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Interesting, Thanks for sharing.

(me) Do they currently use Rainbird? (Rainbird "RB") Yes, some of them do, but we don't know where they buy it.... (me) Well if they don't buy through a distributor or wholesaler its probably through retail in small amounts as needed. (RB) Might be. (me) I would set up a traveling roadshow that would be in constant rotation at home and garden expo's, that markets to consumers and this target group. I did this in a previous job to market directly to a hard to isolate target group. Further, I would do spanish language guerrilla advertising in hispanic areas, and at retail that exposes the benefits of a commercial solution, but sold at retail. (RB) No, we want to set up a wholesaler that they would all buy from that doesn't exist in the market today. (me) But they are buying from retail already in small quantity. The retailer, in effect, is acting as the wholesaler and breaking the quantity into small, single unit, amounts. They are a business owner, so they buy low, sell high, but can't take much inventory in - so they buy from current retailers because its the lowest price for single unit quantities. (RB) Hmmmm. We might need to rethink this role...... Minder

Huawei Technologies

Have you thought of all the possible questions that we are going to ask?

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I just admitted yes indeed, and it's no harm to make a full preparation about it. And during the interview, there's always some new things for me and I feel super interesting, cause it matches with my skills and value. Minder

Sometimes I was asked the same questions and it seems most hiring managers are poorly trained to conduct a proper competency training but rather throwing any thoughts in their head Minder

L&T Financial Services

I have been asked about my experiences in my previous jobs and my learnings. My future plans and family background.

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I have answered as per my true experience

8 years experience in Bandhan bank I have joined at Bandhan MFI Company in 2010

Sony Electronics

"How would you deal with someone who hates you"

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Dealing with people who hate you isn't easy, therefore just understand that it is a negative part of life and it will make us appreciate the positive part of life; when you acknowledge the people in your life who does respect and love you. Trying to get those that reject us to accept us is a waste of time, so let that be the least of your worries Minder

Firstly "hate" is a very strong word. Fortunatley for me I have never met anyone in business whom "hated me". At times we all have to deal with stakeholders with different perspectives - I like to keep discussions factual and focused on getting the best result for the consumer. Minder


Votre but dans cinq ans

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oui J'accepte

Bonjour oui j'accepte+22549168266

Exxel Outdoors

Describe your background to prepare you for this role?

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Consider yourself lucky.

Very typical type interview questions

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