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Er werd een Channel Sales Manager gevraagd...23 januari 2023

Comment voyez vous vos 60 premiers jours


Comment voyez vous vos 90 premiers jours?


Parlez moi de votre connaissance du SAAS?

Red Hat

What nationality you are from?

Dell Technologies

It varies from person to person. Mostly how you will fit in the team as a person is weighted heavy.

Amazon Web Services

Describe that one time you handled conflict by going against your direct line of management

Micro-Star International

How to held the specific online and offline event?

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To elaborate the campaign idea, strategies, execution details and result.


Go through your challenges and successes at each previous role and explain why you left or chose a different opportunity

Johnson & Johnson

Why do you want to work in supply chain at Johnson & Johnson?

Amazon Web Services

How did you overcome a challenge lately?

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