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Crossover for Work
Er werd een Chief Software Architect gevraagd...12 maart 2020

CCAT online questions around Aptitude, figures & English. It is 15 mins test containing 50 questions. Don't know what is cut-off score & I didn't pass.

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I attempted 32 questions & I think around 25 should be correct. So I believe they have around 60% pass criteria for this. Minder

I have attempted 45 and I was expecting around 35 to be correct. so maybe 70% would be passing the criteria Minder

Failed at 56%

Bank of America

How is your family life and how old are you

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You are legally not allowed to ask how old they are

You're legally not allowed to ask about family status, either.

I didn't think the question was relative to the interview


Basic stuff- nothing off the wall

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past experiences

It happened to me the same. I had a first phone screening interview, then a first round of interviews on-site with the team, and finally, the second round of interviews. It has been almost 2 weeks and I haven't heard back, I sent them emails and haven't got any response. Minder

Technical questions that you are related.

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i answer relative to my experience

Crossover for Work

Evaluate a working project and modify it according to quality standards

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The project may have some bugs that prevent it to compile but most of the issues are related to the proper use of frameworks and technology. For example in Java you will need to know how to proper create a REST service with Spring, but that is common knowledge if you are applying for Chief Software Architect. You will need to review the code as best as you can and make changes accordingly. Minder

Was I able to work under pressure

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I said I was used to it

Tata Consultancy Services

How good is your English?

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I worked for more than 20 years for American technology companies working in a global context Minder

Crossover for Work

Review someones code

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Make a good code review

Crossover for Work

Evaluate pieces of code and provide the output.

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You will need to think as a compiler and provide the relevant output. Depending on the technology you are applying for, you may face some challenge regarding Object Oriented programming. Minder

Crossover for Work

Create an architecture for a distributed environment and implement a prototype for the same

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The interview demands lot of time. I had to spend about 12 hours.

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