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Er werd een Personal Assistance to the Chief Financial Officer gevraagd...17 mei 2023

About the company and the managing partner

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Answered extensively


Could I become a certified HR manager?

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Yes (I have extensive HR experience, but no official certification-hands on experience learned over the years). Minder

imagine mobile

Tell about yourself and why you choose them etc


About yourself Working experience (more details on the experience related to the position) Career plan (since I mentioned career development) Scenario questions like what will you do if XX happens


The usual like tell us about yourself etc.


Nessuna domanda tecnica, solo descrizione del processo inerente alla posizione nelle realtà vissute in precedenza.

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Descrizione dei processi e scambio di vicendevoli feedback.

Pomelo Fashion

Why do you want to leave your current job?


Are you okay with dogs as this is a dog-friendly office ?


What do you know about our mission?

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