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Er werd een Chief People Officer gevraagd...19 april 2022

Preguntas clásicas sobre mi experiencia y mi carrera laboral, también sobre experiencias trasladables en una start up, mucho del lado de talent.

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Con ejemplos claros y resultados.

Success Academy Charter Schools

She asked about my experience...

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thats when the person interviewing me told me "you use too many filler words, like "umm" and "like". I just wanted to let you know to try to use those less when you meet with her because she doesn't like that" Minder


There were no questions per se. They came to me. It was a discussion.

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I spent most of the time telling this gentleman what he was looking for in this slot. Minder


From the Chief Customer Officer: Have you ever been involved in a class action lawsuit?

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NAVA Technology for Business

Experiências anteriores, exemplos de entregas técnicas, confluência de valores e propósito.

DermOne Dermatology

What would your former boss say were your greatest strengths?


Walk me through your resume


What new research is causing you to rethink your views on anything HR?


How would you build cohesion between global offices


How to scale successfully on a global scale

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