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Er werd een Director of Client Care gevraagd...9 september 2018

Describe how in your current role you would be helpful to iRecommend?

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We went through how I launched a new role at my prior company.

Open Blend Method

Present a solution to two hypothetical client challenges around account growth and developing relationships & collaboration.

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Through presentation.

Common Fund

There was nothing unexpected, he was a little low key but wanted to know if I understand the products retail vs. institutions, and if the products that I recommend are discretionary or non-discretionary, and at the end ask me if I was still interested

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At the end he told me that he has 2 positions to fill and interviewing 2 to 3 candidates from the outside and an internal candidate, that I would through a series of phone interview before deciding to bring me in for a one on one interview Minder

SCI Solutions

Nothing out of the ordinary

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What is Towner Management all about?

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The Company is one of the leading offshore management companies in Barbados and the Caribbean region. Minder

One of the tricky questions that I recollect was "Imagine your colleague tells you that the printer/copy machine is broken, but we need print out in color a presentation for our client, who we have a meeting with in 30 minutes - what do you do?"

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The correct answer is as follows: 1. First you go and check, whether it is really broken, or just a paper is stuck somewhere or what's going on 2. If it's broken - check if you can fix it 3. If not, call service to come and fix it 4. Meanwhile use either other machine or ask a neighbor for help with printing Minder

Would you be able to come in to shadow?

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Having to negotiate

How will you succeed in the job?

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By giving it my all.


Do you have experience in Relationship building, Technical Skills and Healthcare Industry?

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I have 2 out of the 3 except Health Industry expertise. I can pick this up and transition like I did in other industries. Minder


How would you build this department?

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I submitted a 90 day written plan.

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