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Sony Pictures Entertainment
Er werd een Manager, Client Servicing gevraagd...26 april 2016

What kind of process so you like more; target oriented or creative oriented?

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Target oriented

Creative Oriented

I frankly do not have a recollection. It was long ago.


Tell me about yourself?

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An accomplished individual with a creative mind an a disciplined eye.

My name niraj jaiswal My father name radheshyam jaiswal My mother name babita devi My qualification post graduate Minder

DoubleVision Conditioning Centre

How long have you been training?

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I told him I have been through various gym for the past ten years.

I read your feedback, having interviewed a year ago to date and could not agree more with every point you noted about the entire interview process. Arrogant, narcissistic and very un-professional. It's a shame for their clients as it sounds like past employee's care more about the client's wellbeing than the owners. They also offered me the lower wage and a different job role entirely to the one I'd applied for. Minder

SOLE Financial

Why are you looking for a new job?

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Wanted to work for a company that I believe in. Previous job was asking me to be dishonest to customers. Minder

Rocket Fuel

Name an example of a Data Management Platform?

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Knowledge on PR and digital

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Basic knowledge on digital and zero experience in PR. Am willing to learn

The Alea Group

Can you tell us what we do here?

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I answered based on what their website sited as their core competencies; response from the owner was, "No, that isn't what we do". Minder


Have you worked with clients in other countries?

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Yes, mostly America but also Germany, Australia, Italy and Russia.

Whizzystack Solutions

What is client servicing? what are the factors that impact most client servicing

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Explained with some practical examples

Suttle and King

They asked me to rate my leadership skills.

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I said I thought highly of my leadership skills but that there is always room for improvement. Minder

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