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Er werd een Clinical Project Manager gevraagd...31 oktober 2014

How would you handle a PI who could or would not recruit patients

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There could be obstacles to patient recruitment so it's about identifying those factors and mitigation them. It could be that the PI is too busy or lacks the logistical support from a study coordinator Minder

I would set up a meeting with PI to understand the factors which are affecting patient recruitment and see if mechanisms can be put in place to improve patient recruitment. I would also discuss with the PI that they projected to recruit x amount of patients at the pre study visit and site initiation visit and would like to know what has changed since those projections. If an effective solution could not be found then I would close the site down Minder

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals

Tell us about a time you had to make a difficult decision.

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Tell us about a difficult co-worker you had - what did you do about it?


Please give me an example of a HEDIS measure with a complete verbal calculation of how you arrive at the score!

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I gave a general answer for how to calculate the measures. The interviewer then asked for a specific measure and how to calculate it. The expectation was to immediately pick a measure and do math in your head! I wrote and asked that they provide a test for competency for HEDIS calculation and scoring. Minder

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

How many years of experience?

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I have 44 years of experience.


Tell me what you are currently doing

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I am currently the Director of Clinical Operations for LTS, we have a contract with NJ state government (DOH/DOE) to set up covid testing in schools across 6 counties, more than 240 schools, with a staff at one point of over 110 individuals. I started the program from the bottom up, and got us to be ranked as the #1 vendor in the state within 3 months. I am always looking to evolve and learn more about different areas. I believe pharma/biotech is where I want to be and feel my leadership and skillset can be a great asset. Minder


Oncology experience elaboration in few words

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Explained solid tumour and haem-onc experience

UT Health San Antonio

What was my experience

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30 years EHS, With a MS in Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Mgt


How much notice would you give if you were to leave the position?

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I answered 2 weeks(as is customary), was told that I would need to give as least a one month notice. Minder


The face to face interview is a case study.

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I presented the results and answered the questions during the face to face interview. Minder

Aspen Dental

How many patients I usually see per day at my current or former practice.

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Upto 4 to 6 patients per day

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