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Queensland Health
Er werd een Clinical Documentation Specialist gevraagd...23 september 2021

What are some other used for a piece of paper, pen, and belt?

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Paper: to level a table Pen: to tie up hair Belt: To lock a box closed

BioPharma Services

Why did you decide to go for clinical Research considering that your background is Pharmacy

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I said i wanted something different and i have been so curious about clinical research since i was a med rep with Sanofi and we use a lot of studies for our detailing Minder

Baptist Memorial Health Care

What was your last incidence of conflict and how did you handle it?

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I had just returned from a month off ill and was at a complete loss as to what to say. When I thought of situation I don't think it was what she was looking for. Minder

IKS Health

tollgate exam, leave policy, diabetes,hypertension,gout,cpap,hyperthyroidism, y do u want to switch for nonclinical role

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prepare physiology

Prime Healthcare Services

Are you will to relocate to other states ?

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I said , yes to any state.


what is an eTMF/how is it used/have you ever used

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electronic trial master file- a software that stores and tracks essential clinical trial documentation Minder

El Camino Health

Questions were more on clinical and some behavioral.

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You have to be prepared prior to the interviews

Prime Healthcare Services

Did you read the clinical cases we emailed you? Which one did you liked most?

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Yes i did read the cases you sent me. The ones a liked most where the cardiology and renal pathology articles. (i proceeded to explain some of them) Minder

IKS Health

clinical knowledge and english grammer based

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not bad

Boston Children's Hospital

It was more HIM (coding/DRG) questions....more focus to the job description. Very professional and smart women who knew what they were looking for.

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I felt welcomed, not nervous at all. I love my team.

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