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Er werd een Clinical Documentation Specialist gevraagd...2 juli 2023

Difference between dry gangrene and wet gangrene.

IKS Health

Educational background? Why choosing IKS? Medical questions like causes of pneumonia, HTN, Diabetes? Types of Diabetes Mellitus and it's treatment.

Trinity Health System

Tell me about yourself and other questions related to the job itself

IKS Health

Medical terminology, tests, diagnosis, drugs

IKS Health

HTN, diabetes, syncope, why want to join, are you comfortable with the timings and place etc

IKS Health

Practice of medicine questions regarding medical conditions, diagnosis and treatment.

IKS Health

I had to give a lot of cardiac cycle and on drugs used in treatment of diabetics.

IKS Health

Medical questions, my career plan for next 5 years

IKS Health

tollgate exam, leave policy, diabetes,hypertension,gout,cpap,hyperthyroidism, y do u want to switch for nonclinical role

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prepare physiology

IKS Health

Treatment plan for obesity, statins

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