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Er werd een SAS Clinical Programmer gevraagd...15 mei 2012

what is difference between proc merge and sql merge?

2 antwoorden

main difference between data Merge and Proc sql in data merge you have to sort the data before joining but in Proc sql without sorting data you can join the tables. Minder

ya in sql defualt merg ,print


Where did you learn SAS?

1 antwoorden

I'm Self-learner. and complete my BASE SAS global certification

Tata Consultancy Services

Given a real time scenario,how do u work upon it to resolve the issue

1 antwoorden

In a more tecnical aspect


Is that ok for the relocation for you?

1 antwoorden

I said, yes i'm ok with that. Infact i want to work for a CRO

Cognizant Technology Solutions

what are the proc that that you know?

1 antwoorden

i have known the proc means, proc summary, etc.

Tata Consultancy Services

Sas function character function numeric function SDTM dataset questions LB dataset questions their variable Adam related questions Graph related questions

1 antwoorden

I answered near about 60% of questions


Modules related to sas and sdtm

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I have not prepared well

Navitas Life Sciences

base sas

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sas certificationm

MMS Holdings

about basics and core domain knowledge


What is your experience in statistical programming/ clinical research?

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